Join us as we guide you through the history of Paddock Wood businesses

History of Paddock Wood businesses

Today we would like to take some time to celebrate the history of Paddock Wood businesses. Afterall, there’s no place like home.

Paddock Wood started coming to life in approximately the second half of the 19th century, resulting from the local hop industry. Centred between north and east-west routes, and along the railway line, enabled settlers to reach London markets (and beyond) selling hops and fruits grown within the budding community. Thanks to its luscious soil, and transportation links: Paddock Wood became a thriving settlement.

The information below is courtesy of The Hop Picker’s Line Heritage Group:

“Between 1892 and 1961, a single-line steam railway, developed by the talented young engineer Holman Fred Stephens, linked the rural communities of Paddock Wood, Horsmonden, Goudhurst, Cranbrook and Hawkhurst.

It also brought thousands of residents from the East End of London to the area every summer for their annual hop-picking “holiday” in this area of Kent, thus earning this iconic little railway the proud nickname of the “Hop Pickers Line”.

Whilst the history of Paddock Wood businesses may not be a long one; it is a testament to how dedication alongside hard work can create a prosperous community. This humble settlement has now grown into a thriving town. The community hasn’t forgotten its roots, annually, The Hop Farm celebrates events which brings in people from across the nation.

Next, we will take you on a journey through more of Paddock Wood’s history, where you will discover its connection to Victorian literature.


Paddock Wood, and the greatest Victorian novelist

The greatest Victorian novelist, without his timeless works, cold-hearted Scrooge would not receive four ghostly visits. The line: “Please Sir, I want some more.” Wouldn’t cause you to immediately start worrying about poor orphaned Oliver Twist’s fate on the harsh streets of London.

Charles Dickens, remains one of English literatures most renowned authors. In a letter written to his friend John Forster, he quoted “You will come down booked from Maidstone I will meet you at Paddock Wood and we will go thither in company over a most beautiful little line of railroad.” From Paddock Wood railway station, the two companions travelled together into London. This is one of many times Charles Dickens rendezvoused from this station, as he professed to be a great lover of the beauty of the Medway Valley.

Within Charles Dickens novel, Dombey and Son, character James Carker is believed to have met his demise at Paddock Wood train station, after being run over by a train.

Dorothy Dickens (granddaughter of Charles Dickens) lived her life as a cherished member of Paddock Wood’s community. Her gravestone is located within the Old Cemetery, with a simple inscription of “Dorothy Gertrude Maria Dickens, 1868-1930”.

Where do we fit into Paddock Wood?


Our part within Paddock Wood

As you’ve read, Paddock Wood is rich in history, here at Partnership Invoice Finance we are forming our own tale within this town, and have been for 7 years (previously we were down the road in Tonbridge for 5 years). We are proud to be one of Paddock Wood businesses, with our office situated within the towns heart and opposite Charles Dickens beloved railway station.

The railway station, which was so loved by Charles Dickens, grants us access to clients based across the nation. Although, we also use cars as transportation to meet our clients (travel methods have evolved since the Victorian era).

What we do

Through invoice finance facilities we provide funding to businesses within the South East of England. Businesses of all sizes can prosper from invoice finance, because of its unique attributes. For example, it’s an alternative funding method in which the business sells its upcoming invoices to the provider – in turn, the business gains earlier access to cash which otherwise would be tied up in unpaid invoices.

Within the South East, we have built well-established professional relationships across a multitude of sectors, including the banking sector, accountants, and legal professionals. By maintaining our “ethical funding” approach, we lead with both honesty and professionalism.

What is Ethical Funding?

The below is taken from our website, it is the basis of how we as operate as an invoice finance company:

At Partnership Invoice Finance we pride ourselves on being humancentric, meaning we focus on our clients’ needs.

Have you left us a voicemail? We will return your call.

Sent in an email? You will get a response.

Would you like to speak with decision makers? Their contact details are readily available.

Our charges are presented to you upfront. We have complete transparency in our fee structure.

By choice we are proud to be full members of UK Finance and always rigidly adhere to their code of conduct.

Providing our clients with extra peace of mind.

Why we lead with Ethical Funding

Choosing the right funding provider for a business can be difficult choice, whilst there are many factors to consider, below are two which we would like to highlight:

Are they a part of UK Finance? Using an accredited lender or provider is important. Some providers are not accredited by UK Finance or FCA (Banks). Ensuring they are accredited means that the business will benefit from better financing practices.

How is their fee structure presented? Some invoice finance providers (not all) will present their costings with “hidden” or “additional” charges. Meaning that whilst their headline rates appear to be cheaper than other providers. Then, later down the line, the business ends up paying more because the provider has not been upfront about their fee structure.

Considering these two reasons can aid a business source the right invoice finance provider for them and avoid costly charges down the line.

Contact us

Whether you are a business owner seeking business funding, or an introducer looking for your clients funding fit. Contact us here, discover how Partnership Invoice Finance provides dynamic financing when you need it. We provide recourse factoring, and disclosed invoice discounting facilities to all businesses of all sizes. We can provide funding between £20,000 and £1 Million depending on the business’s requirements and credentials.

To our introducers: we thank you for taking your time to connect us with your clients, and we are welcoming introductions.