Disclosed Invoice Discounting, a guide to staying in control

Disclosed Invoice Discounting. A guide to staying in control.

Funding solutions are available across the country (and internet) to businesses who are seeking to increase their resources, from established businesses to, of course, start-up businesses. SME’s face challenges when sourcing business finance – such as poor credit score (or no credit score). Traditionally, business funding was solely sourced from banks. In recent years, small businesses are increasingly seeking alternative funders. Banking trade body UK Finance found 59% of SME funding is sourced from outside the big banks. According to figures from UK Finance “gross lending to SMEs dropped 22 per cent to £14.3bn in 2023 from £18.4bn in 2022”.

In this guide we will discuss:

  • What is Disclosed Invoice Discounting facility.
  • Key advantages of using Disclosed Invoice Discounting.
  • Who we are.
  • Staying in control with Disclosed Invoice Discounting.

 What is Disclosed Invoice Discounting?

Disclosed invoice discounting offers a solution for businesses seeking to optimise cash flow and accelerate growth. By leveraging outstanding invoices, businesses can unlock working capital, enhancing their financial flexibility, and fuelling strategic initiatives.

Key Advantages of Disclosed Invoice Discounting:

There are several advantages to this flexible facility, below we will discuss key advantages:

Positive Working Capital: Invoice discounting provides access to a significant portion of invoice value, freeing up capital, and enabling strategic investments in technology, staffing, or company growth.

Scalability: Unlike traditional loans or overdrafts with fixed limits, disclosed invoice discounting scales alongside the business’s sales growth. This can potentially lessen the need for time-consuming renegotiations and enables access to capital aligned with the business needs.

Improved Cash Flow Management: Invoice discounting bridges the gap between sales and payments, smoothing out peaks and troughs in cash flow, and in turn aiding businesses meet their ongoing financial obligations.

Potential Access to Supplier Discounts: When using invoice discounting the business can make timely payment to creditors, which can potentially unlock supplier discounts, further optimising the businesses bottom line.

Streamlined Process: A pre-agreed percentage (up to 80%) of invoice value is released within 48 hours. The business retains control over credit control, and debt collections. Payments are deposited into a dedicated account, with the remaining balance (minus fees) credited to the account upon customer settlement.

Pursue Strategic Acquisitions: Secure the capital required for larger contracts, mergers, acquisitions, and accelerating business expansion plans.

Who we are

We are Partnership Invoice Finance, an experienced team of professionals whose goal is to aid businesses overcome their unique financial challenges with funding in the region of up to £1 Million. We take a holistic approach to business funding, meaning that we look at the whole picture. As a full Member of UK Finance, we adhere to their code of conduct proudly.

Transparency, trust comes first. There are no hidden fees within our fee structure, and should you wish to get in contact with a decision maker directly – they are available to talk to via phone or email.

We welcome introducers, your clients will benefit from our humancentric customer service and timely response rate.


Stay in control with Disclosed Invoice Discounting

Maximise growth, whilst staying in control of your clients invoicing. We maintain a shadow ledger, which removes the need for monthly reconciliation and gives flexibility in funding. Disclosed invoice discounting is available when you need it. Throughout peaks and troughs in cash flow – the business can receive funding within 48 hours.

With our funding, take back control of your businesses journey.