Supporting Our Clients

Well, here we are again. Micheal Bublé has exited his cave, 6 different renditions of “All I want for Christmas” are playing back-to-back across every radio station, and businesses are packed fuller than children’s stockings on Christmas eve.

There are just 7 weeks left until Christmas Day. Which leaves us with 8 weeks left of the year. November and December having the highest spends documented throughout the year. Your order book may grow, and your cash flow may become restricted. As a business, it’s not always as simple as sticking to a business plan to get you through these months. Challenges happen.

For example, purposes – Let’s say you are a business-to-business gifting retailer, you’ve managed your budget since the beginning of the year, which has positively affected your Working Capital. It’s October, you decide to take a risk and order stock from a different vendor which you plan to sell out of when November arrives.

The stock doesn’t arrive.

You have paid in full.

You chase the vendor. No answer.

What to do next?

You complain to your bank and Trading Standards. However, it’s a 90-day process to review and action complaints. If you’re lucky, you’ll get your money back within this time.

What happens now?

You have to get through without your safety net, the money you would have made from selling the items, and now you don’t have the money to seek a different vendor.

 Help is here.

Take a step back and breathe. We have options that can help you get to where you need to be, overcoming challenges is where we thrive! For the above example Factoring would be an ideal solution. Recourse Factoring allows you to receive a prepayment portion of your upcoming invoices, you can factor all your invoices – you are in complete control.

By adjusting your cash flow, you can better prepare to wait out the complaint’s procedure and see you through Dry January.

For day-to-day business.

Our services aren’t just for those in dire need. We can offer up to 1 million in funding, ranging from start-ups to large corporations, and businesses seeking growth or to increase their working capital. Here are some examples:

  • Selling to other businesses on open account terms? Need a financial boost?
  • Your product or service delivered as promised. Now, it’s time to ensure on-time product delivery with the right cash flow.
  • Won a contract and need cash to meet your delivery commitments?
  • Business growth requires capital. We provide ongoing working capital to fuel your ambitions.
  • Frustrated with excessive fees and poor service? Join us for a different experience.

Align for success.

Feel like your business objectives aren’t understood? Our approach is tailored to you, and your businesses unique needs. We understand that finances and financial solutions aren’t black and white, each business has its grey areas.

We become an extension of you, everything is actioned by humans not auto emails.

Together, we can align for success, when all is said and done – we want to help you succeed.