Invoice Finance for Temporary Staffing Agencies

 Invoice Finance for Temporary Staffing Agencies Temporary staffing agencies can experience industry specific monetary issues, that’s where Invoice finance for temporary staffing agencies fits in as a funding solution. When you’re distributing staff to other businesses on a temporary basis, you can experience many overheads and up-front costs before you receive payment. Which in turn, […]

Business Funding in Kent

Business Funding Kent, a solution to a challenge. Searching “business funding in Kent” AGAIN!? Small to medium businesses (SME’s) often struggle to find funders who will walk with them through the peaks and troughs of business. Economically, the UK market has been hammered (relentlessly) Although 2024 is in its early stages, we’re already seeing businesses […]

Commercial Rental Terms

Commercial rental terms UK Most business owners in the UK will have some form of property rental to support their business. Whether that be a one-person office, a two-story teched out building, or even a warehouse for stock and deliveries – commonly, a form of space is required. Rental leases payment terms are considerably different […]

Factoring or Invoice Discounting? – What’s The Difference?

Factoring or Invoice Discounting? It can be hard enough for small businesses to keep up with invoices. And knowing which type of finance to employ to help you keep ahead is tricky. If you’ve been thinking about factoring or invoice discounting (or even if you haven’t), it’s worth looking at the difference between each product. […]