10 Common mistakes when sourcing funding

10 Common mistakes when sourcing funding Making the decision to look for additional funding for your business is not one to be taken lightly. There are a number of things you need to consider before you even begin the process. We will explore 10 common mistakes business owners make when seeking funding. Avoiding these mistakes […]

Managing a large tax bill

Managing a Large Tax Bill and Preparing for Future Bills. Sometimes the tax bills can be so large that it’s difficult to manage. For any business, big or small, a large bill can cause a huge amount of stress and worry. Through planning, you can stay ahead of your tax commitments. HMRC support could be […]

Business Funding in Kent

Business Funding Kent, a solution to a challenge. Searching “business funding in Kent” AGAIN!? Small to medium businesses (SME’s) often struggle to find funders who will walk with them through the peaks and troughs of business. Economically, the UK market has been hammered (relentlessly) Although 2024 is in its early stages, we’re already seeing businesses […]

Cashflow in Tunbridge Wells

Find a business to improve cash flow near Tunbridge Wells. Are you struggling to find companies to help improve cashflow near Tunbridge Wells? While the town itself is an affluent, thriving community, with many established businesses, appearances can be deceiving. Even in the most affluent of regions businesses often still face a silent battle – […]

A Guide To Rental Agreements

A Guide to Business Rental Agreements in the UK Your office (or shop) is your businesses home, it will be your hub, your control centre, or whatever name you wish to give it – it’s yours. Running a business in the UK involves navigating legal contracts, and one of the most crucial is the business […]

Chasing Christmas Debt

Chasing Christmas Debt It’s time for what a lot of business owners find harder to do than swallowing the last bite of Christmas dinner – chasing Christmas debt. Over the festive period invoicing, accounting, and bank reconciliation can take a dip. But now we’re into a New Year – and those debts need to be […]

The Funding Fountain

The Funding Fountain. In the precarious world of b2b business, growth isn’t just a buzzword, it’s a primal thirst. But like any ambitious venture, achieving that growth often requires more than just an idea and a good work ethic – you need funding. Cold hard cash gains businesses more than just their primary products. It’s […]

Insolvencies – The UK goes broke

The UK public goes broke. It’s true; the UK public are suffering. There are people who can’t heat their homes this winter. The cost-of-living crisis can be felt, and seen across the nation. In just one year, shopping prices have risen by a massive 9.6% (vs Oct 2022). And yet, wages do not reflect this […]

Small Business Saturday: A Day to Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Small Business Saturday: A Day to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Small Business Saturday: A Day to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Small Business Saturday is a celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the resilience of the human spirit. It is a testament to the power of collective action, and the strength of local communities….

Supporting Our Clients

Well, here we are again. Micheal Bublé has exited his cave, 6 different renditions of “All I want for Christmas” are playing back-to-back across every radio station, and businesses are packed fuller than children’s stockings on Christmas eve. There are just 7 weeks left until Christmas Day. Which leaves us with 8 weeks left of […]