Your Partnership Invoice Finance Team

Your Partnership Invoice Finance Team

Your Partnership Invoice Finance Team

Successful business starts with a team dedicated to making it happen. Meet your Partnership Invoice Finance team, a diverse group of experienced professionals united by their common work ethics and goals: Client service driven professionals who are helping small to medium businesses (SMEs) to achieve sustainable business growth.

At Partnership Invoice Finance, we lead with people first. Sometimes in business, the client behind the paperwork can be left behind to debate with answering machines. We however are different; we will always return your call. If you (or your client) prefer to meet in person, we make it happen. Technology helps our modern-day lifestyle thrive; we believe in old school connections that are built to last.

Building Relationships, Building Success

We’re your financial partners. Forget the jargon-filled meetings. Our team prides itself on fostering genuine connections with each client. We take the time to understand your unique business needs, your aspirations, and your challenges. Because true success comes from collaboration, not dictation.

Success stories are our fuel. Over the years, we’ve witnessed countless businesses transform their financial landscape, aided by our alternative financial solutions, and expert guidance. From the budding entrepreneur taking their first steps, to the established company seeking an expansion boost, we’ve been there, cheering them on every step of the way.

Expertise at Your Fingertips

From seasoned invoice financing veterans to business development powerhouses, our team represents a wealth of diverse expertise. Need a solution tailored to your specific industry? We’ve got you covered. Facing a cash flow hurdle? We will craft a strategy to bridge the gap.

Meet the Faces Behind the Expertise

Phil Padgham – Managing Director.

Phil holds the office leadership and guides the team, with years of front-line experience within banking and commercial finance. Phil is motivated and client service driven and ensures this is mentality flows through the team.

Chris Falby – Regional Sales Manager.

Chris has a proven and accomplished history within financial services and the banking industry, he brings more than just a sales pitch to client meetings. Chris thrives when overcoming challenges, and guides clients (and introducers) through the initial set-up to the final deal.

Suzanne Warran – Client Manager.

Suzanne is the heart of our team, with over 20 years within the finance industry and customer service. Suzanne works tirelessly with our clients focusing on customer service and overseeing their accounts with a fierce accuracy.

and more!

This is a glimpse into the diverse talent that brings together the Partnership Invoice Finance team. With their combined knowledge, passion, and dedication, they’re ready with their humancentric approach to alternative financing.

Ready to unlock business potential?

Contact the Partnership Invoice Finance team today and discover how together we can:

  • Improve cash flow.
  • Increase working capital.
  • Overcome challenges.
  • Improve businesses credit score.
  • Plan for the future.
  • And more.