Well, here we are again. Micheal Bublé has exited his cave, 6 different renditions of “All I want for Christmas” are playing back-to-back across every radio station, and businesses are packed fuller than children’s stockings on Christmas eve.

There are just 7 weeks left until Christmas Day. Which leaves us with 8 weeks left of the year. November and December having the highest spends documented throughout the year. Your order book may grow, and your cash flow may become restricted. As a business, it’s not always as simple as sticking to a business plan to get you through these months. Challenges happen.

If November and December are your busy months, then January will be the key month for your business. This will be the month when customer payments need’s chasing in and cash is flowing out of the business to pay suppliers and other essential creditors. Combine this pressure with your time being spent implementing your plans for 2024 and the early new year all becomes a bit manic.

Help is here.

Take a step back and breathe. We have options that can help you get to where you need to be, overcoming challenges is where we thrive! If your cashflow is tight and time is a scarce commodity then Factoring could be your ideal solution. Recourse Factoring allows you to receive a prepayment against your outstanding invoices and delegation of that all important, but time consuming, management of your sales ledger to ensure payments from customers are promptly and efficiently collected.

For day-to-day business.

Our facilities are available to SME businesses, and it does not matter if you are newly formed or an established multi-million turnover operation.  If you are looking for cashflow stability and want to maximise your working capital, then our facilities could provide the boost and control that you need.

The benefits of good Factoring relationship are many:

  • Offering open credit terms carries a risk. It is important to know who you are trading with and manage the account efficiently to minimise the risk. Credit checks form part of our account opening and ongoing process.
  • Gain confidence and support of your suppliers by ensuring prompt payment. Try and negotiate better purchasing terms by offering timely payment.
  • Increase trade with the knowledge that cashflow can keep pace with your growth.
  • Maximise best use of your time by concentrating on the responsibilities that you do best.
  • Work with a Factor that truly understands business and has the flexibility to help you overcome any turbulence and unforeseen situations.

Align for success.

Feel like your business objectives aren’t understood? Our approach is tailored to you, and your businesses unique needs. Time taken to understand your needs is time well spent and mutually beneficial.

Customers are hard won and easily lost. Entrusting management of your ledger to Partnership Invoice Finance is a delegation in which you can have great confidence.

Together, we can work in ‘Partnership’ and when all is said and done – we want to help you succeed.