UK businesses put the brakes on lending

Higher borrowing costs and uncertainty about the UK’s economic future are stirring up the waters of business lending. Throughout 2023, the Bank of England’s agents reported that businesses were not as keen to take out new loans as they had been in previous years.

Funding for Business Expansion

Funding for business expansion Funding for business expansion is often the first thought when expanding a business. Strategic business expansion presents a significant opportunity to solidify your market position and achieve new heights. However, navigating this growth journey can be fraught with unforeseen challenges. Here, we’ll explore some of the most common pitfalls encountered during […]

Inflation, Insolvency, and Invoice Finance

Inflation, Insolvency, and Invoice Finance. So far this year we have seen dynamic changes to the UK economy and landscape. In this blog we will be discussing key factors and figures to date, such as inflation and insolvency rates. To start, we will recap on the changes that came into effect in April 2024: Employee […]

Costly Business Mistakes

Costly business mistakes Unfortunately, many business owners make costly mistakes in their first year of starting up that overtime have a negative impact on their business. In 2023, over 900,000 new businesses were incorporated in the UK. Starting a new business is a huge accomplishment – one that also comes with a lot of responsibility. […]

Business Terms and Conditions

Knowing your P’s and Q’s – Business Terms and Conditions Let’s face it, who reads Terms and Conditions? Most of us, simply don’t have the time, and remain unbothered by the position they tie us into. That being said – Business Terms and Conditions are vastly different to clicking a box on your new streaming […]

Small Business Saturday: A Day to Celebrate Entrepreneurship

Small Business Saturday: A Day to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Small Business Saturday: A Day to Celebrate Entrepreneurship Small Business Saturday is a celebration of entrepreneurship, innovation, and the resilience of the human spirit. It is a testament to the power of collective action, and the strength of local communities….

Supporting Our Clients

Well, here we are again. Micheal Bublé has exited his cave, 6 different renditions of “All I want for Christmas” are playing back-to-back across every radio station, and businesses are packed fuller than children’s stockings on Christmas eve. There are just 7 weeks left until Christmas Day. Which leaves us with 8 weeks left of […]

From Survival to Revival: The Next Step for SMEs is Growth

Spring is definitely in the air. As the weather heats up, and we are able to throw open our windows and patio doors, there’s definitely a new, fresh energy out there. Especially after the PM announced his exit strategy from coronavirus restrictions. A pub beer garden for Easter is a welcome idea for most of […]

How SMEs Can Reduce Financial Fragility

If the experiences of recent years, and in particular the last year, have taught us anything it’s that we must all be more prepared for business interruptions and crises. The importance of building financial stability amongst UK SMEs must be part of an action plan to protect the overall UK economy. Through strengthening the financial […]

Post-Pandemic Debt Recovery – Where Does Your Business Stand?

The first rule of business is to stay in business. The key to staying in business is to have enough money in your pocket to pay for things when you need to. Simple. But what do you do when you aren’t getting paid? As ever prevention rather than cure is best, by ensuring ,among other things, that your credit control […]