Hidden Growing Pains

Don’t Let Cash Flow Hinder Your Business Growth Growing your company is a challenging and rewarding process but growing can be painful. Very painful. Making sure that your cash flow can meet your obligations as you take on more staff, bigger premises, more stock, or new equipment is a challenge. It doesn’t matter how well […]

What is Cash Flow and How Can Invoice Finance Help?

How can invoice finance help with cash flow? It’s a common misconception that maintaining cash flow simply means having a constant flow of money coming into your business. Cash flow is much more complicated than this and maintaining a healthy cash flow can be tricky for small businesses when you find yourself neck-deep in a […]

Factoring – Money When You Need It

  Invoice Factoring: The Flexible Way to Manage Cash Flow If you’re a small business owner, you know how difficult it can be to manage cash flow. You may have trouble getting your customers to pay their invoices, you may not have the right type of credit or collateral, and traditional financing methods might not […]

Is Factoring Safe?

Is factoring safe for your business? Is factoring with an independent company safe for your business? Is outsourcing credit control risky? These are just two of the many questions that small businesses ask when considering invoice factoring. People previously believed that invoice finance carried more risk than a traditional bank facility. Invoice finance companies, and […]

The Truth about Factoring

The truth about factoring The truth about factoring is that it is NOT a scary way to finance your business’ cash flow that you may have heard it was.  Unfortunately, invoice factoring has a bad reputation dating back from the early 1980’s but modern factoring is a world away from that. Gone are the days […]

Five Common Myths About Invoice Factoring

  Five myths about invoice factoring –busted! Factoring in some quarters has had an undeserved bad reputation which seems to stem from why it was used in the 1980s. A time when the Banks were free with their lending and it was therefore often only used by those who the Banks were unwilling to lend […]