The Financial Challenges Facing Cleaning Companies

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The Financial Challenges Facing Cleaning Companies Commercial cleaning companies faced an increased workload over the past four years, and with it, the need for more cleaning staff. In a twist of fate, this additional business often puts a strain on the cleaning companies cashflow – having to spend out on extra expenses before the increased […]

Invoice Factoring Outsourced

A guide to recourse factoring with outsourced credit control Recourse factoring is a funding facility through which businesses can steady their cash flow fluctuations, improve working capital, grow sustainably, and benefit from outsourced credit control. Here’s how recourse factoring works: Businesses sell their accounts receivable (invoices) to a factor who will also provide an additional […]

Seasonal Vibes

Tis the season to be jolly… no, not quite yet. But it is approaching. And even though this year seems to have skipped the summer season we cannot stop the rest of the year rolling around. The winter season is, for obvious reasons, retailers’ busiest season (apart from December 27th which is known across the […]

Be Ready to Flex

You’ve planned for growth, you’re ready for growth, but a too good to miss opportunity comes along that sits outside your plan. You have clear choices. If taking on the new business means compromising everything else, well, walk away. But, if you could fund the project by releasing some capital tied up in your invoices […]

Financial Management: Best Practice for SMEs

Planning is vital to ensure your business’s success. There’s nothing surprising in that, but for many, the financial plan is last on the list and the one plan that gets left to stagnate once it’s approved. The key to any plan is to constantly keep it refreshed and be proactive, not reactive when it comes […]

Scared of the Unknown?

If you’re nervous about jumping in with invoice finance, this article will take a look back at its past and demonstrate how far invoice finance has come in the past 700 years. Factoring goes way (way) back. Invoice financing has a long history, dating back to the days of King Hammurabi in Mesopotamia. However, it […]

Financial Difficulties Facing Cleaning Companies

  The Financial Challenges Facing Cleaning Companies Commercial cleaning companies are seeing a huge surge in demand for their services as businesses scramble to clean and Covid-proof their offices and working environments – what historically has perhaps been little thought about, happening when the staff have all gone home has now been bought into the […]

Fear Of The Unknown

The Benefits of Invoice Financing Running a business is challenging enough, but what if you’re trying to grow your company too? In order to expand your business, you need to maintain a healthy cash flow. That is easier said than done, and fear of the unknown or lack of information can often hold you back […]

Take It or Leave It – Invoice Finance

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Cash Flow- It’s Harder Than You Think

Cash Flow – it’s harder than you think You’ve built a business you’re proud of and now it’s time to expand. You want to grow, so you can increase revenue and your profits. Business growth is good, right? Of course, it is, but growth can be your undoing if you don’t plan for it or […]