Without customers we don’t have a business. “Simples”. The simple equation is that Leads x Conversions (%) = Customers.  We need to work out which item on the left hand side of the equations requires prioritisation. Warning – it may not be simply a case of finding more prospective customers but in this article I am going to look lead generation.

Improving Lead Generation

Lead generation is converting “suspects”- people who have never heard of your business into “prospects”-people who have inquired about your business.

There are three major rules to follow in generating leads. First, you need to TEST and MEASURE how many leads you get from each marketing campaign. Second, you need to follow the AIDA principle, and third you need to follow the WIIFM principal.


You need to test which elements of your marketing are working and which are not. Measuring your marketing results on a daily basis is a must.

Rule 2 – Construct your marketing around the AIDA principle: Every marketing piece should follow this acronym.

ATTENTION –    Does the ad (namely the headline) grab your attention?

INTEREST –         Does the ad generate the readers’ interest?

DESIRE –             Does the ad build desire for your product?

ACTION –            Does the ad prompt the reader to take action?

Marketing pieces are not restricted to ads in the paper. They are your 60 second commercials, your website, your direct mailer, your brochures, youtube clips, animations etc

Rule 3 – Remember WIIFM! 

This acronym stands for “WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?” Think like you are the prospect and how you can help them. In all your interactions this concept should be at the forefront. Always focus on Benefits not Features.

By following these three items you will turn your marketing costs from an expense into an investment.

Gavin Bellamy is an ActionCOACH business coach. For more information on how Gavin works with various businesses please click here.