Alternative Finance – what is alternative, the finance or the approach?

There are many different definitions for Alternative Finance available, the simplest perhaps being any form of finance that is not provided by a mainstream provider like a High Street Bank.

Nowadays, that includes a lot of businesses from Peer 2 Peer Platforms, Asset Based Lending, Crowd Funding, even “Challenger” Banks.

At Partnership we provide access to improved working capital through invoice finance.  Many consider that to be alternative, but that is only part of the story and we prefer to think of it in a different way.  The Partnership alternative could be considered a return to a way of financing that we used to expect, or thought we would get, from a Bank. We believe in working together, building relationships and getting to know you and understanding your business and the challenges you face – being there when you need us and anticipating your needs.

We use technology to help our clients but we don’t just rely on a fancy Algorithm to provide a data driven answer (the computer says no) or setting up overseas call centres, email only responses, or chat boxes to keep a client as far away as possible from talking to someone who knows them and their business.

We believe our alternative is down to service; a relationship-based partnership, providing access to decision makers when you need them and a dedicated team ready to help.

It starts with the first visit when we take the time to come to you and understand what you need and how we can provide it, and it continues in every transaction as we work together to help make your business succeed.

We won’t bombard you with lots of additional products, try to “up sell” to you or ignore you while we chase after a new shiny client, we believe in forging strong business relationships in an environment where we can all succeed and grow.

If our alternative to your current arrangements sounds interesting, or you want to fund your business for the first time and would like to find out more, then please contact Mark O’Neil on 07825682111 – we very much look forward to working together.