Dispelling the myths of Invoice Finance – why some businesses don’t use this form of finance

As discussed in our last article, there are a number of reasons why businesses don’t use Invoice Finance.  We said we would endeavour to identify some of these reasons and expose the difference between the myths and the reality of using this form of finance.

In the second of our series ‘Dispelling the myths of Invoice Finance’, we wanted to explore why some business owners fear that their customers will think they are in financial difficulties because of their use of invoice finance.

Don’t be worried

Many businesses worry that their customers will be concerned when they find out they are using an invoice finance provider.  However, with over 40,000 businesses using funding from invoice finance at all stages of their business lifecycle, there is actually no need for your customers to be worried.

In reality these customers should be more concerned if a business is trying to survive without adequate funding.  The use of invoice finance is a good way to prove that you have a viable, well-funded business and that a lender is happy to support you.

I hope that you can relate to this and that this and subsequent articles will help you to release the full potential of either your business or those you advise, through the use of suitable growth orientated cash flow finance.